OFSTED pleased with Wise Owl 

By Josh Timlin, Barnsley Chronicle Friday 1st July 2016 

A ROYSTON nursery has been praised by Ofsted inspectors in its lastest report.

Wise Owl Day Nursery on Midland road, was visited on June 3rd and received was given labelled as a good provision - three years after being told it was satisfactory. 

Inspector Nicola Dickinson observed the quality of teaching during indoor and outdoor activities, spoke with the nursery manager and spoke to parents before writing her glowing report. she said " Rigorous self-evaluation and close monitoring of staff members` practice have driven improvement in the nursery. 

Ongoing reviews are used to develop targeted action plans that support continuing improvement. Staff have good opportunities to extend their skills and complete detail assesments on children`s learning. 

" They work in partnership with parents and other carers to help identify any gaps in children`s developments and they plan future activities. Information about care and learning is shared between staff so they are knowlegeable about children and the families they are working with, which means children enjoy good levels of support at all times. 

"Babies enjoy strong bonds with key persons and very good interaction that supports their emotional wellbeing. They are happy, settled and their individual car routines are met very well. 

"Parents comment that the nursery is inviting and welcoming, children are kept safe and they make good friendships. Children are happy and content to expolre the world around them as they enjoy daily outdoor play. Staff give them age appropriate challenges and teach them about risk. For example, staff encourage children to balance, climb and use tools safely.

"Staff know children well and tailor their care to their individual needs. Children enjoy a varied menu of nutritious, home-cooked meals and healthy snacks and drinks.

The provision which looks after babies to four-year-old, has 76 children on its roll and has been in providing a service in the village since 1992.

Manager Sian Brook praised her teams work at the nursery. "As a team we have worked hard to ensure we gained a good Ofsted report" She added " We are graded good in all areas after our inspection by the regulator and the staff are delighted with the outcome." "The inspector studied our documentation as well as the effectiveness of leadership and management, quality of teaching, learning and assesment, personal development,behaviour and welfare and outcomes for children. 

"Our emphasis is to ensure all children are cared for, challenged and supported with their individual learning, by our highly trained and dedicated team. we all work together and i value everyone`s contributions"